Human Functioning and Rehabilitation Science (HFRS)


HFRS 396. Special Topics. 1-18 Credits.

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.

HFRS 401. Topics & Measurement in HFRS. 3 Credits.

Fundamental human function and rehabilitation sciences concepts, principles, equipment, and tools for conducting quantitative research in the areas of human movement, communication, and physical activity.

HFRS 402. Applying the ICF Model to HFRS. 3 Credits.

Application of International Classification of Functioning (ICF) concepts to translational research in human function and rehabilitation science.

HFRS 430. Sem/Pract Teach & Learn HFRS. 3 Credits.

Students will be exposed to and mentored in the fundamentals of health professions teaching and learning and gain applied experience in the university classroom.

HFRS 450. Prof Writing & Grantsmanship. 2 Credits.

Topics include grant selection and approval processes, selection of appropriate publication outlets for a given research study, and report of research results. Prerequisites: HFRS 401, HFRS 402, CTS 301, CTS 310, CTS 315.

HFRS 491. Doctoral Dissertation Research. 3-6 Credits.

Directed interprofessional dissertation research in Human Functioning and Rehabilitation Science. Prerequisite: Doctoral candidacy status.