Mathematics for Educators (MAED)


MAED 230. Alg/Geom for Teachers III. 3 Credits.

Exponents, compound interest, exponential functions, logarithms, the base e, growth and decay, research in mathematics education and K-8 curriculum projects. Prerequisites: MAED 215.

MAED 240. Calculus for Teachers II. 3 Credits.

Continued study of calculus and its relationship to the K-8 curriculum. Topics include infinite series, calculating area, the definite integral, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Prerequisite: MAED 235.

MAED 305. Statistics & Research II. 3 Credits.

Error bars in graphs, margins of error in surveys, and confidence intervals; interpret and critique educational research studies; analysis of school assessment data activities. Prerequisite: MAED 300.

MAED 315. Capstone VMI Experience. 3 Credits.

This course concludes the VMI's school-based-research component. Teachers synthesize their coursework and field experiences and revisit key mathematical concepts from arithmetic through calculus. Prerequisite: 30 hours MAED courses.

MAED 396. Advanced Special Topics. 1-18 Credits.

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