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ARTSĀ 131. Printmaking: Etching. 3 Credits.

Studio class using non-chemical procedures with copper plates. Prerequisites: ARTS 001 or ARTS 012.

The College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences at UVM combines the advantages of a small liberal arts college and the resources of a major research institution. It provides students with a sound liberal education through close interaction with nationally and internationally noted scholars. This close interaction helps students acquire knowledge and scholarly discipline that enables them to think critically about issues they will confront in their professional and personal lives. The college's academic programs acquaint students with the intellectual, cultural and aesthetic heritage of our complex world. The college's programs also seek to prepare students for entry into rewarding careers in a variety of fields and for advanced study that may be prerequisite to other opportunities. More and more professional schools, corporate managers and graduate schools seek individuals who have a fine liberal arts background.

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...experience. Students enrolled in art courses should expect...majors must take WFB 131 and WFB 150...