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...One mathematics course at MATH 017 or higher...113 , HST 009 , HST 010 , HST 035 , HST...

ENGR 010. D1:Dvrsty Issues:Math/Sci/Egr. 3 Credits.

Diversity in CEMS: under-representation, environmental justice, gender/race participation, ethical considerations, urban planning, equal opportunity, Title IX. Landscape of race/gender in STEM.

MATH 010. Pre-Calculus Mathematics. 3 Credits.

Skills in working with numerical, algebraic, and trigonometric expressions are developed in preparation for MATH 021. May not be taken for credit concurrently with, or following receipt of, credit for any mathematics course numbered MATH 019 or above. Prerequisite: Two years of secondary school algebra; one year of secondary school geometry.