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...REL 234 , SOC 171 , SOC 212 , SOC 272...096 , JAPN 121 , JAPN 122 , JAPN 221 , JAPN...

Athletic Training Education B.S.

...PHIL, POLS, PSYS, REL, SOC, THE 6 credits...requirement prior to graduation. 122 total credit hours...

ASCIĀ 122. Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare. 3 Credits.

Designed to heighten awareness and understanding of human-animal relationships in society, agriculture, and science. Prerequisites: Animal Science major; Sophomore standing.

SOCĀ 122. D2:Women & Gender in Society. 3 Credits.

Examination of the construction of gender in women's lives with an emphasis on the relationship between gender, race, sexuality, and class in contemporary society. Prerequisite: Three hours of Sociology or GSWS 001. Cross-listed with: GSWS 150.