Consumer and Advertising Minor


CDAE 024Fund of Public Communication3
CDAE 120Strategic Writing for PCOM3
CDAE 128Strategic Communication3
Choose two of the following (6 credits):
Social Media:Theory 2 Practice
Event Planning for Athletics
Crisis Communication
Intro to Comm Entrepreneurship
SU:Marketing:Com Entrepreneurs
Communicating Science
Socially Responsible Marketing
Special Topics (when the topic is Persuasion for Public Communication)
Special Topics (when the topic is Event Planning for Mission Driven Organizations)
Special Topics (when the topic is Crisis Communication)
Argument & Advocacy
Internship (with Strategic Communication focus)
No more than two courses may count toward a student's major and minor for CENT, PCOM, and CID majors or other CDAE minors.


Ineligible Majors: Public Communication majors with Strategic Communication concentrations.