Molecular Genetics B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.


MMG 001First Year Colloquium1
MMG 002SU:Unseen Wrlds:Microbes & You3
BCOR 011
BCOR 012
Exploring Biology
and Exploring Biology
or BCOR 021 Accelerated Biology
MATH 019
MATH 020
QR: Fundamentals of Calculus I
and QR:Fundamentals of Calculus II
or MATH 021
MATH 022
QR: Calculus I
and QR: Calculus II
CHEM 031General Chemistry 14
CHEM 032General Chemistry 24
CHEM 141Organic Chemistry 14
CHEM 142Organic Chemistry 24
MMG 101Microbiol & Infectious Disease4
MMG 104Intro Recombinant DNA Tech3
BCOR 101Genetics3
MMG 196Intermediate Special Topics (Molecular Cell Biology w/o Lab)3
or BCOR 103 Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOC 296Advanced Special Topics (Advanced Biochemistry of Human Disease)3
or MMG 205 Biochemistry I
or MMG 206 Biochemistry II
STAT 141QR:Basic Statistical Methods 13
or STAT 200 QR: Med Biostat&Epidemiology
MMG 299Senior Seminar1
Choose 6 credits from the following MMG courses:6
Molecular Cloning Lab
Genetics and Genomics
Advanced Special Topics
Choose 9 credits from the following MMG courses:9
Mamm Cell Cult:Molecular Biol
Biochemistry Lab
Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics
Environmental Microbiology
Advanced Medical Microbiology
Eukaryotic Virology
D2:SU:Adv St Emerg Infec Dis
QR:Methods in Bioinformatics
Macromol Struct Prot&Nucl Acid
Choose 6 additional credits from either above and/or below courses:6
Intermediate Special Topics
and Intermediate Special Topics
Undergraduate Research
and Undergraduate Research
Advanced Special Topics
and Advanced Special Topics
Undergraduate Research
and Undergraduate Research
Developmental Biology
Ecological Parasitology
Genetics Cell Cycle Regulation
Developmntl Molecular Genetics
Human Genetics
Forensic DNA Analysis
Clinical Microbiology II
Immunology Lab
Advanced Special Topics (Food Microbiology)
Introduction to Pharmacology
Molecules & Medicine
Topics Molecular&Cell Pharm