Agroecology B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Agroecology (AGRO) is a degree that provides a foundation in the natural sciences with an emphasis on the application of ecological principles to the production of horticulture or agronomic crops. Disciplinary synthesis is attained through advanced courses in soils, plant pathology, entomology, and integrated farm management. Students are prepared to become practitioners through internship experiences and completing cross-disciplinary courses in ethics, policy and economics. 

Major Requirements

PSS 021SU: Intro to Agroecology3
PSS 106Entomology & Pest Mgmt4
PSS 112Weed Ecology & Management3
PSS 117Plant Pathology4
PSS 138Commercial Plant Propagation4
PSS 161SU:Fundmntls of Soil Science4
PSS 162Soil Fertility & Conservation3
PSS 190Internship1
PSS 208Diversified Farm Planning3
PSS 212SU: Advanced Agroecology4
PSS 281Prof Dev:Eco Ag/Sust Lndsc Hrt1
BIOL 001Principles of Biology4
or BCOR 011 Exploring Biology
BIOL 002Principles of Biology4
or BCOR 012 Exploring Biology
CDAE 061SU:Principles of Comm Dev3
or CDAE 166 Intro to Comm Entrepreneurship
CDAE 208Agricultural Policy and Ethics3
PBIO 104Plant Physiology4
CHEM 023Outline of General Chemistry4
or CHEM 031 General Chemistry 1
or CHEM 032 General Chemistry 2
CHEM 026Outline of Organic & Biochem4
or CHEM 141 Organic Chemistry 1
or CHEM 142 Organic Chemistry 2
MATH 010QR: Pre-Calculus Mathematics3
or MATH 019 QR: Fundamentals of Calculus I
NR 103Ecology, Ecosystems & Environ3
or BCOR 102 SU:Ecology and Evolution
STAT 111QR: Elements of Statistics3
or STAT 141 QR:Basic Statistical Methods 1
12 credits of PSS courses at the 100 level or higher12