Reporting and Documentary Storytelling Minor


Eighteen credits, including:

Three credits in core writing. Take one of the following:3
The Art of the Essay
Topics in Composition
Three credits in media/history/theory. Take one of the following:3
Anthropology of Media
Seminar Environmental Studies (Media, Ecology, Politics)
History of Television
Contemporary Cinema
The Vermont Political System
Politics and The Media
Interdisciplinary Seminar (Religion and Media)
Survey of Mass Communication
Sociology of News
Mass Media in Modern Society
Nine credits at the advanced level in the practice. Choose from the following:9
Journalism, the essay, digital composing, screenwriting
Topics in Comp & Rhetoric
Advanced Composition Workshop
Topics in Writing
Advanced Creative Nonfiction
Screenwriting I
Screenwriting II
Documentary Video
Introduction to Video Art
Stds Docmntry/Avant-garde Cinm
Film & Video Production I
Film Theory and Practice
Photography, digital image and design
Environmental Art Practice
Color Photography
Introduction to Video Art
Three credits in an internship in journalism/media/documentary.3
Additional courses may be counted toward the minor with the approval of the directors.

Other Information

No more than one course may overlap between a student’s major and minor. Students pursuing an English major with a writing concentration, a Writing minor, or the Public Communication major should be especially mindful of this rule. If pursuing an English major, ENGS courses used for the RDS minor are included in the 45-credit major rule.