Linguistics B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

This page also includes specific requirements for the Linguistics concentrations:

Sociolinguistics Concentration

Psycholinguistics Concentration

Language Studies Concentration

Formal Linguistics Concentration

Major Requirements

Thirty-three credits, including:

LING 080Introduction to Linguistics3
LING 165Phonetic Theory and Practice3
LING 166Introduction to Syntax3
LING 169Phonology & Morphology3
LING 250Linguistics Capstone Seminar3
Choose one of the following:3
Historical Linguistics
Introduction to Pragmatics
TESOL and Applied Linguistics
Six credits of linguistics electives6
Nine credits of concentration courses9

At least one elective or concentration course must be at the 200-level. The first three credits of an undergraduate thesis may count toward the major. No more than three credits may come from classes also used to fulfill the student’s minor or a second major.

Sociolinguistics Concentration

LING 084Language & Arabic Culture3
LING 135D1: Language & Ethnicity3
LING 162American English Dialects3
LING 176D1: African American English3
LING 178Sociolinguistics3

Psycholinguistics Concentration

CSD 094Dev of Spoken Language3
LING 171Intro to Psycholinguistics3
LING 177Second Language Acquisition3
LING 295Advanced Special Topics (Memory and Language)1-18

language studies concentration

Two foreign languages courses beyond the two required for a B.A. plus one course in the linguistics of a foreign language. Selection varies according to the language pursued.

formal linguistics concentration

To be planned with a linguistics advisor.

Additional concentration courses may be substituted with the approval of a linguistics faculty member.