Musical Theatre Minor


Twenty credits including:

THE 010Acting I: Intro to Acting3
THE 119Performing Musical Theatre3
DNCE 021Ballet I (substitute Ballet II or III with instructor permission)2
DNCE 116Musical Theatre Dance3
THE 050Dramatic Analysis3
MU 009Music Theory Fundamentals (can substitute MU 103 or MU 109 with instructor permission)3
THE 190Theatre Practicum (non-performance/no Teaching Assistant)1
Two of the following:2
Jazz Vocal Ensemble
University Concert Choir
Private Lessons: Music Minors (Students should register for Voice)


Ineligible major: Music, Theatre

Other Information

THE 010  is the prerequisite for THE 119;  DNCE 021, or  DNCE 022 or DNCE 121 are prerequisite for DNCE 116