Integrative Health Care Undergraduate Certificate


HLTH 101Intro to Integrative Health3
HLTH 102Science and Evidence in CAM3
HLTH/ENVS 107SU:Human Health & the Envirnmt3
Six credits from at least two areas in the following list (with a maximum of 3 one-credit courses in a single area):6
D2:Mindfulness&Helping Skills
Mindful Eating
Behavior Change
Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies
The Science of Happiness
D2:Women's Hlth & Spirituality
Intermediate Special Topics (Mongolia: Traditional Mongolian Medicine and Cultural Immersion)
Advanced Special Topics (Cuba: CAM Therapies in Cuban Health Care)
Iceland Ther Thermal Springs
Yoga & Mindfulness
Yoga & Ayurveda
Yoga Asana & Philosophy
Yoga & the Chakras
Energy Therapies
Healing Touch Level 1
Energy Medicine
Healing Touch Level 2
Healing Touch Level 3
Healing Touch Level 4
Healing Touch Level 5
Meridians, Systems & Organs
Integrative Nutrition and Herbalism
Special Topics (Plant-Based Healing Medicine)
Special Topics (Therapeutic Herbalism)

This certificate is available to students in all majors.