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Electrical Engineering Minor


Eighteen credits in Electrical Engineering consisting of:

Choose one of the following sequences:
EE 003
  & EE 081
  & EE 004
  & EE 082
Linear Circuit Analysis I
   and Linear Circuits Laboratory I
   and Linear Circuit Analysis II
   and Linear Circuits Laboratory II
Electrical Engr Concepts
   and Digital Control w/Embedded Sys
Select remaining credits from EE courses numbered above 1019


MATH 021Calculus I4
MATH 022Calculus II4
MATH 121Calculus III4
MATH 271Adv Engineering Mathematics3
or MATH 230 Ordinary Differential Equation
PHYS 031Physics for Engineers I0-4
or PHYS 051 Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS 125Physics for Engineers II3
or PHYS 152 Fundamentals of Physics II

Other Information

Students must obtain a co-advisor from the EE program.