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Geospatial Technologies Minor


Five courses (fifteen credits with at least nine credits at 100-level or above) which must include:

One course in Geospatial Technologies:3-4
Measurements & Mapping
Global Environmental Assessmnt
Any one Geographic Information Systems course:3
Geog Info:Cncpts & Applic
Intro to Geog Info Systems
Any one course from Remote Sensing: 3
Remote Sensing of Natural Res
Remote Sensing
Any two electives (either two from Group A or one course each from Group A and Group B):6
Group A:
GIS Practicum
Integrating GIS & Statistics
Spatial Analysis
Adv Topic:GIS & Remote Sensing (a, Satellite Climatology/Land Surface Applications)
Adv Topic:GIS & Remote Sensing (b, Advanced GIS Applications)
Adv Geospatial Techniques
Group B:
Computer Programming I
Dynamic Data on the Web
Database Design for the Web
CS for Geospatial Technologies
Graphical Communication
Computer Aided Drafting&Design


Variable, depending on upper level courses chosen.

Other Information

Geography majors who undertake the Geospatial Technologies minor are required to complete thirty-three credits in geography and fifteen credits towards the Geospatial Tech­nologies minor. GEOG 081 may be used to count towards both the major and the minor. However, students are still required to complete thirty-three credits of geography courses.