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Complex Systems CGS

All students must meet the Requirements for the Certificates of Graduate Study


In complex physical, biological, social and engineered systems, the self-organizing dynamics of interacting entities (be they molecules, cells, genes, bacteria, plants, birds, humans, nanobots, electrical substations, etc.) give rise to emergent system properties (such as consciousness, cancer, global warming, societies, etc.). Fortunately, many essential properties of such systems may be studied, modeled and understood using similar approaches, regardless of the application domain. Learning these cutting-edge complex systems approaches can help students move to the forefront of their field and stand out when competing in a tough job market.

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Certificate of Graduate Study

A Bachelor's degree and prior coursework in Calculus, statistics, and computer programming (in any language, but prior Matlab is helpful) are the minimum prerequisites. Linear algebra is recommended but not required. Specific electives may have additional prerequisites. 

Minimum Degree Requirements

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Complex Systems requires fifteen graduate credits (5 courses), with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in these 5 courses.   Students must complete the two core courses (CSYS 300 and CSYS 302), at least one elective from the A-List, and two more electives from the A-List or the B-List (shown below).  The Certificate in Complex Systems may be earned either in conjunction with or independent of a UVM graduate degree program.

Required Core Courses:
CSYS/MATH 300Principles of Complex Systems3
CSYS/CS 302Modeling Complex Systems3
A - List (Select 1-3 Courses):
CSYS/MATH 266Chaos,Fractals&Dynamical Syst3
CSYS/MATH 303Complex Networks3
CSYS/BIOL 352Evolutionary Computation3
or CS 352 Evolutionary Computation
CSYS/CS 256Neural Computation3
CSYS/STAT 369Applied Geostatistics3
or CE 369 Applied Geostatistics
CSYS/CE 359Appld Artificial Neural Ntwrks1-3
B - List (Select 0-2 Courses):
(Other courses may apply)
CSYS/MATH 268Mathematical Biology&Ecology3
MATH 330Adv Ordinary Diff Equations3
CSYS/CE 295Advanced Special Topics (Reliability of Engineering Systems)1-18
CSYS/ME 295Advanced Special Topics (Systems and Synthetic Biology)1-18
CSYS/ME 312Adv Bioengineering Systems3
EE 217Smart Grid3
CSYS/ME 350Multiscale Modeling3
CSYS/EE 395Special Topics (Optimization in Engineering)1-18
PA 308Decision Making Models3
PA 317Systems Anly & Strategic Mgmt3
PA 306Policy Systems3
BIOL 271Evolution3
CSYS/PBIO 295Advanced Special Topics (Ecological & Environmental Modeling))1-18
CS 206Evolutionary Robotics3
ENVS 295Advanced Special Topics (Envir. Modeling & Systems Thinking)1-18
STAT/CS 287Data Science I3
STAT 387Data Science II3
PHYS 323Contemporary Physics0-6