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Anatomy & Neurobiology (ANNB)


ANNB 201. Human Gross Anatomy. 6 Credits.

Lectures and detailed regional cadaver dissections emphasize functional anatomy of major systems (e.g. musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous). Required of Physical Therapy students; others with Department permission.

ANNB 261. Neurobiology. 3 Credits.

Focus on molecular and cellular aspects of the nervous system. Electrical signaling, synaptic transmission, signal transduction, neural development, plasticity, and diseases. Prerequisite: BIOL 103 or ANPS 019 & ANPS 020. Cross-listed with: BIOL 261.

ANNB 301. Medical Gross Anatomy. 8 Credits.

This course includes a complete cadaver dissection by all students and evaluation in embryology as required. Emphasis is placed on individualized laboratory instruction. Prerequisite: Current Medical, Osteopathic, Podiatric and Dental students or Instructor permission.

ANNB 342. Spec Dissections in Gross Anat. 1-12 Credits.

A detailed and independent study of a single anatomical region, utilizing gross, microscopic, and embryologic materials. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.

ANNB 382. Sem in Anatomy & Neurobiology. 1 Credit.

Research presentations and critical review of the literature in various areas of anatomical and neurobiological sciences.

ANNB 391. Master's Thesis Research. 1-18 Credits.

Credit as arranged.

ANNB 396. Special Topics in Neurobiology. 1-3 Credits.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.