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Leadership and Policy Studies (EDLP)


EDLP 200. Contemporary Issues. 0-6 Credits.

Designed so that its content and structure may accommodate special issues not especially appropriate within the boundaries of an existing course. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in education and related areas.

EDLP 268. Educational Law. 2-3 Credits.

Legal basis for education. State and Federal statutes; related court cases; Attorney General opinions; Special Education procedures; Vermont State Board and State Education Department policies; regulations. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in education or Instructor permission.

EDLP 295. Internship. 1-18 Credits.

An on-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Prerequisite: Permission of the Coordinator of Professional Laboratory Experiences.

EDLP 300. Leading Learning Organizations. 3 Credits.

Course topics include the roles, functions, relationships and responsibilities in creating learning communities; leadership values, styles and behavior; trends and issues that impact organizations. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or Instructor permission.

EDLP 310. Effecting & Managing Change. 3 Credits.

Change processes and models, the dynamics of change within the organization, and external factors affecting change. Prerequisite: Twelve hours of Graduate study.

EDLP 320. Collaborative Consultation. 3 Credits.

Adult development and group dynamics theory provide the knowledge base for collaborating with parents and teachers to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities. Cross-listed with: EDSP 387.

EDLP 333. Education Finance & Policy. 3 Credits.

Course examines national, state and local policies of educational financing, measurement of equity, state aid to schools, taxation, school finance litigation and cost-effectiveness analysis. Prerequisites: Twelve hours in Education or Instructor permission.

EDLP 335. Staff Evaluation & Development. 3 Credits.

Supervisory roles, behavior, responsibilities, and relationships in educational and social service organizations; processes for evaluating the performance, promoting the development of staff, and increasing organization effectiveness.

EDLP 336. Curr Mgmt in Ed & Soc Srv Org. 3 Credits.

Approaches to coordinating and managing curriculum or programs at the classroom, department, or organizational level; examination of factors effecting design and delivery of curriculum; developing curriculum guides and assessment methods. Prerequisite: Eighteen hours of education and related areas or appropriate professional certification.

EDLP 338. Sem in Community Education. 3 Credits.

The seminar participants will analyze the Community Education process, relate the process to community development, and develop strategies for the planning and implementation of Community Education.

EDLP 350. Survey Research Methods. 3 Credits.

This course introduces survey research design, implementation and planning processes.

EDLP 365. Policy to Practice. 3 Credits.

Education policy development and governance; frameworks for understanding and assessing education policy implementation by agencies, districts, schools, and classroom teachers.

EDLP 370. Incident Analysis. 3 Credits.

Leadership of high-reliability organizations (NASA), critical incidents (fratricide, crashes, natural disasters), and crisis planning in diverse organizations like schools, hospitals, and law enforcement. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

EDLP 371. Schl Business Mgmt. 3 Credits.

Analysis of basic management concepts applied to schools, leadership/management trends, types of budgets, risk management, planning, and other personnel and business operations issues. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or Instructor permission.

EDLP 372. Leadership&Creative Imaginatn. 3 Credits.

Leadership in societal organizations as presented in literature, other media. Students will demonstrate abilities to integrate leadership theory, principles, personal beliefs, practices with literary and other media models. Prerequisite: Ed.D. students have priority.

EDLP 380. Professional Problems in Educ. 0-3 Credits.

Designed to cover selected educational problems in depth. The major emphasis will be on intensive and critical analysis of the literature and practice in a given area.

EDLP 390. Internship. 1-6 Credits.

Students will undertake an approved internship in an institution which reflects the particular area of interest and needs of the student. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

EDLP 391. Master's Thesis Research. 1-12 Credits.

Thesis topic must be approved by a faculty committee.

EDLP 397. Problems in Education. 1-6 Credits.

Individual work on a research problem selected by the student in consultation with a staff member. Prerequisites: Twelve hours in education and related areas; endorsement by a sponsoring faculty member.

EDLP 409. Applied Educational Research. 3 Credits.

Introduction to philosophical and methodological foundations of interpretive and empirical-analytic research with emphasis on systems change. Preparation of critical readers and synthesizers of research studies. Prerequisite: Doctoral level standing.

EDLP 419. Quantitative Research Methods. 3 Credits.

This course provides knowledge and skill in conducting quantitative research studies for education and social services. Students apply social science research methods in a laboratory setting and produce a model study. Pre/co-requisite: EDLP 409.

EDLP 429. Adv Quantitative Rsch Methods. 3 Credits.

This course covers advanced statistical techniques that are commonly used in education and social sciences. Pre/co-requisite: EDLP 419.

EDLP 431. Adv Sem Organizational Ldrshp. 3 Credits.

Students inquire into new theories on leadership and the cognitive processes that define the intentions, values, beliefs, and future perspectives of themselves as leaders. Prerequisite: Doctoral level standing.

EDLP 432. Adv Sem:Org Chng&Hum Res Dev. 3 Credits.

Students inquire into new theories, themes, and multicultural dimensions of organizations. Strategies for managing human resources, structural issues, and future trends in organizations are analyzed. Prerequisite:Doctoral level standing.

EDLP 437. Sem on Educational Policy. 3 Credits.

An examination of the nature and function of education policy, emphasizing the structure and processes in education policy formulation and implementation. Prerequisite: Doctoral level standing.

EDLP 439. Hierarchical Linear Modeling. 3 Credits.

This course serves as an introduction to the concepts and applications of Hierarchical Linear Modeling. Pre/co-requisites: EDLP 419 and EDLP 429.

EDLP 449. Dissertation Writing Seminar. 3 Credits.

This seminar is designed for Graduate students working on their dissertation proposals or dissertations.

EDLP 459. Mixed Method Research. 3 Credits.

An advanced research seminar designed to introduce students to mixed methods research, which integrate qualitative and quantitative approaches, inquiries, and data collection and analysis strategies into a single study or research project. Prerequisite: Documented completion of basic quantitative and qualitative research methods courses.

EDLP 491. Doctoral Dissertation Research. 1-12 Credits.