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Requirements for the Certificates of Graduate Study

Certificates of Graduate Study provide opportunities for currently enrolled UVM graduate degree students to acquire an additional concentration of study and for post-baccalaureate certificate only students to prepare for further graduate study and/or develop their professional skills.

The general requirements for a Certificate of Graduate study at UVM are:

  1. A minimum of fifteen graded credits of graduate-level course work is required. Some certificates require more than fifteen credits. The courses must be in a defined subject area and approved for the specific certificate. At least nine of the credits must be identified as core courses in the certificate curriculum, and the remaining courses must be chosen from a published and approved list of options for that certificate.
  2. All credits must be completed at UVM within a five year period. Graduate credits taken at other institutions may not transfer into a UVM Certificate of Graduate Study program. Credit (but not grades) from courses taken at UVM prior to matriculation in the certificate may transfer, but only for those certificates requiring more than fifteen credits and only for the credits in excess of the fifteen graded credit minimum.
  3. A minimum grade point average of 3.00 must be achieved in the certificate program.
  4. Credits used for a Certificate of Graduate Study may be applied toward an appropriate master’s or doctoral degree at UVM, and credits applied toward a graduate degree at UVM may be applied toward an appropriate Certificate of Graduate Study, subject to the above (i.e., credits may overlap between one certificate and one degree). Credits taken for one Certificate of Graduate Study may not be used to fulfill the requirements for another Certificate of Graduate Study.