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Green Building and Community Design Minor


GBCD Basics
Choose three of the following: 9
Drafting and Design Drawing
Computer Aided Drafting&Design
Visual Presentation Techniques
Landscape Design Fundamentals
Engery and Sustainable Green Communities
Choose two of the following: 6
Energy Alternatives
SU:Sustainable Community Dev
Appl Des Studio: Lt Frame Bldg
Community&Int'l Econ Transform
Sustain Dev Sm Island States
Project Development & Planning
Community Design Studio
Intro to Landscape Restoration
Special Topics (Special Topics offerings may be applied toward the minor, but require pre-approval from the student's academic advisor.)
Ecol Design & Living Technol
Advanced Ecological Design
SU: Permaculture
Organic Farm Planning
Ecological Landscape Design
Total: 15


Students majoring in Environmental Science (ENSC) may obtain the Green Building and Community Design minor with only one overlapping course.

Other Information

Yestermorrow Design/Build School

The Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, Vermont offers courses that may be eligible for college credit, and may satisfy some requirements of the Green Building and Community Design minor. These courses are generally between one and three credits. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain pre-approval of Yestermorrow courses for which they seek college credit by working with the UVM Office of Transfer Affairs and Yestermorrow to acquire and submit relevant course materials (e.g. Yestermorrow instructor evaluations/CVs, Yestermorrow course syllabi, examples of work done in the course).

This process can be lengthy so it is advisable to begin it as early as possible. Once UVM has granted pre-approval for credit, the student should meet with one of the CDAE advisors to discuss the course's fit within the Green Building and Community Design minor.