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Environmental Sciences B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Environmental Sciences majors through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences must fulfill the following requirements for graduation:

General CALS distribution requirements
Core distribution requirements for the major (which also fill CALS distribution requirements):17
D2:SU:World Food,Pop & Develop
Agricultural Policy and Ethics
Home & Garden Horticulture
SU: Intro to Ecological Agr
Ecology and Evolution
Microbiol & Infectious Disease
Environmental Science minimal basic science/quantitative courses (which also fill college core requirements):34
Exploring Biology
Exploring Biology
Environmental Geology
SU:Fundmntls of Soil Science
(PSS 161 is required for many PSS courses in several curricular concentrations; most students should take this course.)
Fundamentals of Calculus I
Fundamentals of Calculus II
Applied Environ Statistics
Basic Statistical Methods
General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2
Intro Organic Chemistry
Students should consider taking the following course sequence:
Organic Chemistry 1
and Organic Chemistry 2
Environmental Sciences foundation courses:18
SU: Intro Environmental Sci
Global Environmental Assessmnt
Pollutant Mvmt/Air,Land&Water
Recovery&Restor Altered Ecosys
Applied Envir Assess Analysis
Concentration requirement: fourteen to seventeen credits in one of the following Focus Areas:14-17
Agriculture and the Environment
Conservation Biology and Biodiversity
Ecological Design
Environmental Analysis and Assessment
Environmental Biology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Geology
Global Environmental and Climate Change
Water Resources
Up-to-date course requirements for each Focus Area are available from the student’s advisor or the department, or by going to the Focus Areas section of the Environmental Sciences website. Students may elect to petition to develop a Self-Designed curriculum track.