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Art History B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Thirty credit hours in art history and six credit hours in art studio (36 credit hours total):

Choose two of the following:6
Western Art:Ancient - Medieval
Western Art:Renaissance-Modern
D2: Asian Art
Twelve credits to include three credits from four of the following five categories (courses numbered 196 in these categories also qualify): 12
Ancient and Medieval:
D2: Egypt & the Ancient Near E
Greek Art
Roman Art
Topics in Medieval Art
Early Modern European:
Northern European 1400-1600
Italian Early Renaissance Art
Italian High and Late Ren Art
Topics European Art 1600-1800
Modern, American, and Canadian:
Topics in Modern Art
19th-Century European Painting
20th-Century Art
19th & 20th Cent Arch & Design
N American Art 1600-1900
D2: Japanese Art
D2: Chinese Painting
D2: Indian Painting
D2:Inter Spec Topics Asian Art
Other Non-Western Traditions, New Approaches to Art History, and Contemporary Art:
Hist of Optical Media as Art
Identity Diversity Postmod Art
Methods and Theories
Issues in Contemporary Art
D2:Topics in Non-Western Art
Topics:Gender,Race,Ethn in Art
Twelve additional art history credits, to include at least one course (three credits) ARTH 282 or higher to be taken during the junior or senior year, preferably during the senior year12
Six credits of studio art6
The study of French or German through 051 or 052 is strongly recommended for students considering eventual graduate work in art history.

No more than three credits from either ARTH 190 or ARTH 191 may count toward requirements for the major.

No more than three credits of ARTH 198 (Readings and Research) may be used toward major requirements.