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Individually Designed B.A.

The IDM is a nondepartmental, interdisciplinary major for those College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Arts candidates whose academic interests are not met by the major programs currently offered by the college. An IDM may not be a program of narrow professional training. Rather, it must lead to an intensive investigation of some broad area of human knowledge which is not covered by a single departmental discipline. During the senior year, IDM majors engage in a three-credit tutorial for which they complete a paper or an equivalent project which demonstrates the essential coherence of the major. A college Honors project (six credits) may be substituted for the tutorial requirement. Application to pursue an IDM should be approved by the Committee on Honors and Individual Studies before the end of the candidate’s junior year.  For more information, contact

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

36 hours and no more than 45 credit hours total to include:
Core: Eighteen credits at 100 level or above18
Electives: Eighteen credit hours. 18
In order to accommodate the possibility that selected courses may not be offered at a given time, students should submit one alternate course in the core and two alternate courses in the elective list. All core and elective courses including alternates must be in courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.
Six of these credit hours must be at the 200-level
Senior Project: At least three and no more than six credit hours of Undergraduate Research in the faculty sponsor's department, at the 100 level or above, leading to a substantial "capstone" research paper or thesis. This requirement may be replaced with six credits of College Honors.3-6


The department of the student's faculty sponsor shall be considered the major's department; the student cannot take a minor in that department.

Consistent with the College of Arts and Sciences curricular policies, no more than one course included in the major can be in the minor.

No more than eighteen credits in the proposed major may be completed or begun at the time of application.