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Music Minor


Eighteen credits in music composed of:

Six credits in music history/literature from the following:6
Intro to Classical Music
Sound, Sense, and Ideas
D1: Intro to Jazz History
American Music
D2: Intro World Music Cultures
D1: Blues & Related Traditions
D1: Chasing the Blues
D1:Music & Culture:New Orleans
History of Rock and Roll
D1: Latin Jazz Immersion
History of Jazz
American Music
D2: World Music Cultures
Music History & Literature I
Music History & Literature II
Seminar in Ethnomusicology
Three credits in music theory/composition from the following:3
Harmony and Form I
Theory/Prac Jazz Improv I
Theory/Prac Jazz Improv I
Three additional credits in music theory/composition from the following:3
Music Theory Fundamentals
Harmony and Form Lab I
Harmony and Form Lab II
Intro to Music Technology
Creating Music for Video
Exploring Songwriting
Harmony and Form I
Harmony and Form II
Jazz Composition and Arranging
Advanced Jazz Comp and Arr
Thry & Prac of Jazz Improv II
Six credits in private lessons or performing ensemble (in any combination):6
Choose from the following:
Private Lessons: Music Minors (may be repeated for credit; lab fee required)
MU 117-132 Ensembles (may be repeated for credit)

Nine credits must be at the 100-level above.


Ineligible Majors: Music (B.A., B.Mus.)