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Neuroscience B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Twenty-five credits of fundamental courses including:
BCOR 011Exploring Biology4
BCOR 012Exploring Biology4
CHEM 031General Chemistry 14
CHEM 032General Chemistry 24
MATH 019Fundamentals of Calculus I3
MATH 020Fundamentals of Calculus II3
PSYS 001Intro to Psychological Science3
Fourteen credits of foundation courses including:
NSCI 111Exploring Neuroscience3
NSCI 112Exploring Neurosci Laboratory1
BCOR 101Genetics3
CHEM 141Organic Chemistry 14
Choose one of the following:
Learning, Cognition & Behavior
Intro Cognitive Neuroscience
Experimental design and statistics courses out of one of the following categories: 6-9
Category A
Research Methods
Statistics for Psych Sci
Category B
Basic Statistical Methods
Statistical Methods I
Statistical Methods II
Experimental Design
Category C
Research Methods
Quantitative Biology
Advanced Core neuroscience courses:12-13
Diseases of the Nervous System
Choose nine credits from the following:
Adv Cognitive Neuroscience
Human Neuroanatomy
Physiological Psychology
Twelve credits of optional neuroscience courses, with at least one from each of the following categories: 12
Category A
Speech & Hearing Science
Cognition & Language
Animal Behavior
Hormones and Behavior
Sel Topics Behavioral Neurosci
Emotional Devlmt & Temperament
Category B
Molecular and Cell Biology
Introduction to Pharmacology
Topics Molecular&Cell Pharm
Neural Computation
Category C
Neurobiology Techniques
Measurement of Comm Processes
Intrmd Readings & Research
Intrmd Readings & Research
Advanced Readings & Research
Advanced Readings & Research
No more than six credits of Category C may be counted toward the major.
NSCI 3XX courses may be accepted as Advanced Course Options with prior approval from the Neuroscience Director. These courses are often open to upper level undergraduate students with instructor permission.
Students completing the B.S. in Neuroscience may not also receive the B.A. in Psychological Science.