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Neuroscience Minor


Eighteen credits including:

NSCI 111Exploring Neuroscience3
PSYS 053Research Methods0 or 3
Four courses from either of the following lists; at least one course must be taken in each category12
Category A (Cognitive/Behavioral)
Learning, Cognition & Behavior
Intro Cognitive Neuroscience
Adv Cognitive Neuroscience
Physiological Psychology
Animal Behavior
Hormones and Behavior
Sel Topics Behavioral Neurosci
Category B (Cell/Molecular)
Molecular and Cell Biology
Human Neuroanatomy
Introduction to Pharmacology
Topics Molecular&Cell Pharm
NSCI 3xx courses may be accepted as Category A/B options with prior approval from the Neuroscience Program.


Note that for a B.A. in Psychological Science, no more than 45 credits of PSYS courses may be applied to the 120 credits required to graduate, and for a B.S. in Psychological Science, no more than 50 credits may be applied to the 120 credits required to graduate.


PSYS 001: Introduction to Psychological Science
CHEM 023: Outline of General Chemistry or CHEM 031: General Chemistry I

One of the following pairs of courses:
BIOL 001 and BIOL 002: Principles of Biology
or BCOR 011 and BCOR 012: Exploring Biology
or ANPS 019 and ANPS 020: Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology

Other Information

Ineligible majors:  Neuroscience