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Library Science (EDLI)


EDLI 200. Contemporary Issues. 1-6 Credits.

Designed so that its content and structure may accommodate special issues not especially appropriate within the boundaries of an existing course. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in education and related areas.

EDLI 272. Manage Schl Library Media Ctrs. 3 Credits.

Overview of administrative issues, including development of policies and procedures, budget preparation, personnel administration, and public relations. Focus on information technology and literacy. Prerequisites: Twelve hours in education and related areas, or Instructor permission.

EDLI 273. Organizing Schl Libr Media Ctr. 3 Credits.

Introduction to cataloging of print and non-print materials, Dewey Decimal Classification, application of microcomputers to catalog and circulation services. Prerequisite: EDLI 272 or equivalent.

EDLI 274. Design Instr Sch Lbr Media Ctr. 3 Credits.

Designing library instruction for integration with curricula and collaborating to create effective lessons. Issues surrounding active learning, critical thinking, learning styles, and assessment are examined. Prerequisite: EDLI 272 or equivalent.

EDLI 275. Dev Sch Libr Media Ctr Collect. 3 Credits.

Evaluating and selecting books, periodicals, audiovisuals, software, and other materials for full range of student ages and ability levels. Maintaining collection, weeding, using interlibrary loan, and dealing with censorship. Prerequisite: EDLI 272 or equivalent.

EDLI 276. Information Sources & Services. 3 Credits.

Helping students and teachers find information using print, online, CD-ROM and other resources. Developing interview skills and selecting materials for elementary and secondary core collections. Prerequisite: EDLI 272 or equivalent.

EDLI 277. Info Tech Schl Libr Media Ctrs. 3 Credits.

Selecting, using, and maintaining full range of media equipment, including audiovisual and computer based systems. Designing and improving presentation facilities for media. Prerequisite: EDLI 272 or equivalent.

EDLI 295. Lab Experience in Educ. 1-6 Credits.

Supervised field work designed to give students experience in specialized areas for their professional development. Prerequisite: Permission of the Coordinator of Professional Laboratory Experiences.