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Special Education (EDSP)


EDSP 005. D2:Iss Aff Persons W/Disabil. 3 Credits.

Students study the effects of discrimination, advocacy, litigation and sociological perspectives on disabilities. History, current legislation, and family issues for children and adults are emphasized.

EDSP 197. Independent Study. 1-3 Credits.

EDSP 200. Contemporary Issues. 1-3 Credits.

Designed so that its content and structure may accommodate special issues not especially appropriate within the boundaries of an existing course. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in education and related areas.

EDSP 201. D2:Foundations of Special Ed. 3 Credits.

Examination of historical and current trends in the treatment of individuals with disabilities including effects of discrimination, advocacy, litigation, legislation and economic considerations on educational services and community inclusion. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in Education and related areas, or Instructor permission.

EDSP 202. Severe Disabil Char&Intervent. 3 Credits.

Physical, sensory, health, intellectual and behavioral characteristics of developmental disabilities. Educational approaches and supports from various professional disciplines to educate students with severe disabilities. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.

EDSP 207. Cooperative Learning. 3 Credits.

Theoretical and experiential instruction in procedures to increase social acceptance and academic achievement of exceptional learners in mainstream settings through cooperative learning. Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

EDSP 216. Curr&Insruct in Special Ed. 3 Credits.

Introduction to curriculum and instruction for individuals who present academic and behavioral challenges. Emphasis on assessment, evaluation, curriculum, instruction, theories of learning and social development. Pre/co-requisite: Instructor Permission.

EDSP 217. Behavior Analysis in SpecialEd. 3 Credits.

Individualized instruction for learners with significant disabilities emphasizing learning principles, behavior analysis, and research based instruction and interventions. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

EDSP 221. Family Centered Services. 3 Credits.

An in-depth study of families of children with special needs; family ecology; interaction and life cycle. Development and implementation of family/professional collaboration strategies. Practicum required. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

EDSP 224. Meeting Inst Needs/All Stdnts. 3 Credits.

Students apply principles of learning and social development to improve academic and social skills of all individuals with a focus on those who present academic and behavioral challenges. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

EDSP 228. Adv Methods & Instr Special Ed. 3 Credits.

Students apply advanced principles of behavior analysis in the development and implementation of instructional programs for learners with moderate and severe disabilities. Prerequisite: Instructor permission and introductory behavior analysis course.

EDSP 274. D2:Culture of Disability. 3 Credits.

Focus on theoretical questions of how societies understand disability and its consequences for social justice, by examining the multiple determinants of the societal construction of disability. Prerequisites: Junior/Senior/ Graduate standing. Cross-listed with: CSD 274.

EDSP 275. Voc Instr Students W/Spec Need. 3 Credits.

Development of instructional strategies for including students with disabilities in vocational education. Procedures for developing, implementing, and evaluating individualized vocational plans. Prerequisite: Admission to an approved teacher certification program or Instructor permission.

EDSP 280. Assessment in Special Ed. 3 Credits.

Course covers assessment knowledge and skills essential for special educators, including test selection, administration and scoring, and legal issues related to special education assessment. Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate Program in Special Education or permission of the Instructor.

EDSP 290. Early Lit and Math Curriculum. 3 Credits.

Study of curriculum and technology areas related to development, adaptation, and assessment of early literacy and mathematics instruction for elementary age students with disabilities. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

EDSP 295. Laboratory Exp in Education. 1-6 Credits.

Supervised field work designed to give students experience in specialized areas for their professional development. Prerequisite: Permission of the Coordinator of Professional Laboratory Experiences.

EDSP 296. Laboratory Exp in Education. 1-6 Credits.

Credit as arranged.

EDSP 297. Adolescent Lit & Math Curric. 3 Credits.

Development, adaptation and assessment of literacy and mathematics curriculum for adolescent age students with disabilities. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

EDSP 298. Special Educ Practicum. 1-6 Credits.

Students provide direct instruction for six learners with learning disabilities, mental retardation, behavior disorders, and/or multidisabilities. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.