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Historic Preservation (HP)


HP 200. History American Architecture. 3 Credits.

Study of architectural history to gain fluency in the stylistic terms so essential to historic preservation and to public support for conserving our architectural heritage.

HP 201. History on the Land. 3 Credits.

Identifying and interpreting evidence of the cultural forces - early settlement patterns, transportation, industry, agriculture, planning, conservation - that have shaped our land, buildings, towns and cities. Cross-listed with: HST 201.

HP 202. Special Topics. 3 Credits.

Courses are offered under this number in specialized areas of historic preservation through Continuing Education.

HP 204. Historic Pres: Devlpmnt Econ. 3 Credits.

Survey of economic, financial aspects of real estate development pertaining to preservation and adaptive use of historic buildings (market studies, pro-formas). Field trips. Actual proposal development for underutilized properties.

HP 205. Historic Preservation Law. 3 Credits.

Legal issues in conservation of the built environment. Basic legal techniques for protection of historic structures (historic districts, protective legislation, easements, covenants). Study of significant court decisions.

HP 206. Rschg Historic Structure/Sites. 3 Credits.

Methods for researching historic structures and sites using archival and physical evidence, deciphering archaic building technologies, and documenting structures through professional reports, architectural photography, measured drawings.