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Teacher Education / Music Education (Grades PreK-12) B.S.MS.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

The college works cooperatively with the Music and Dance department in the College of Arts and Sciences to offer a program in Music Education which leads to both degree and licensure for grades PreK-12.

The curriculum in music education, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Music Education, is recommended to students who have sufficient training and musical ability to justify a career in music. Prospective students must audition before entering the program. Graduates are qualified for positions as instructors of music in public and private schools.

A minimum of 125 approved semester credits is required for the degree. Students must pass the piano proficiency and PRAXIS Core examinations prior to student teaching. Students are responsible for obtaining information regarding teaching licensure and degree requirements from the CESS Student Services office, 528 Waterman, or the Student Services Office website.

Techniques courses (brass, percussion, string, woodwind, vocal) are offered on a rotating schedule. Consult your advisor for available courses per semester.


A Possible Curriculum in Music Education

First YearCredits
HDFS 005 Human Development3  
MU 109 Harmony and Form I3  
Ensemble1 1
MUL 134 Private Lessons: Music Majors1-2 1-2
Techniques2 4
MU 041 Piano Proficiency 11  
MU 054 Harmony and Form Lab I1  
MU 085 Intro to Music Education3  
MU 110 Harmony and Form II  3
MU 056 Harmony and Form Lab II  1
MU 042 Piano Proficiency 2  1
General Education Course  3
Diversity Course  3
Year Total: 16-17 17-18
MU 060 Intro to Music Technology3  
Ensemble1 1
MUL 134 Private Lessons: Music Majors1-2 1-2
Techniques2 2
MU 111 Music History & Literature I3  
MU 209 Harmony and Form III3  
MU 154 Harmony and Form Lab III1  
MU 043 Piano Proficiency 31  
MU 112 Music History & Literature II  3
MU 210 Harmony and Form IV  3
MU 156 Harmony and Form Lab IV  1
MU 181 Conducting  3
Year Total: 15-16 14-15
Choose one of the following:3  
MU 281 Advanced Conducting
MU 272 Choral Music Methods
& MU 273 Choral Music Practicum
EDSP 005 D2:Iss Aff Persons W/Disabil3  
MUL 034 Required Secondary Lessons1-2 1-2
MUL 234 Private Lessons: Music Majors1-2 1-2
Ensemble1 1
General Education Courses6 3
MU 270 General Music Methods  3
MU 271 General Music Practicum  1
MU 159 Theory/Prac Jazz Improv I  3
Year Total: 15-17 13-15
MU 250 Senior Recital1  
MUL 234 Private Lessons: Music Majors1-2  
MU 274 Instrumental Music Methods2  
MU 275 Instrumental Music Practicum1  
Choose one of the following:3  
MU 281 Advanced Conducting
MU 272 Choral Music Methods
& MU 273 Choral Music Practicum
EDFS 203 Soc, Hst & Phil Found of Educ3  
MU 290 Teaching Internship2  12
Year Total: 15-16 12
Total Credits in Sequence: 117-126

The number of electives depends on the degree of course overlap in the general education, major concentration and diversity requirements. It is possible to have one course fulfill two requirements but the credits only count once.


Students are required to complete a student teaching internship application before being assigned a placement.