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Social Work B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

The principal educational objective of the program is to prepare students for entry level social work practice with individuals, families, and small groups within the context of organizations, and the larger community. This includes direct service practice as well as advocacy, policy, administrative, and community practice. 

The program provides education for social work practice based on a liberal arts education in the social sciences and humanities. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Throughout the program of study, students develop the values, knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to provide a wide range of social work services. Many program graduates go on to pursue a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW), and are often qualified for "advanced standing" which reduces the credit hours and time required to complete a MSW.

Major Requirements

The BSW program requires a minimum of 120 approved credits comprised of:

  1. General Education/Liberal Arts Courses: 27-credits of which are fulfilled through specific course requirements
    • Students must complete the required liberal arts courses with a grade of C- or better. 
  2. Electives Courses: The student, in consultation with an advisor, selects elective courses, in areas such as humanities, social sciences, communications, ethics, diversity, and STEM, which will provide the opportunity to develop individual interests.
  3. Social Work Coursework: Earning course specific minimum grades as outlined below:
    • Complete all Social Work courses (SWSS) with no more than two grades below a "B"; neither of these grades can be below a "C" 
    • Have an overall social work grade point average of 3.00
    • Complete all liberal arts courses with a minimum grade of "C-" or higher.

If students do not meet these minimum requirements, they may be disenrolled from the Program or be placed on conditional status. 

A committee of Social Work faculty review each Social Work major's progress at the end of each semester. The committee may identify specific areas within which they believe extra support would benefit an individual student. A plan for that support is developed, and the student reviews that plan with their academic advisor.

A Possible Curriculum for the Social Work Program

Junior Year: Students apply for SWSS 173 Field Experience in the spring of junior year. Application for the field experience requires consultation with the student's advisor to determine that all introductory and intermediate professional and required courses have been successfully completed. The process includes a written statement by the student describing his/her interests and qualifications. The advisor and Field Education Coordinator also review professional readiness issues, including strengths, conduct, maturity, and areas to strengthen. When there are concerns about a student's field readiness, these concerns will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Field Committee, and recommendations will be made.

First YearCredits
SWSS 002 Foundations of Social Work3  
PSYS 001 Intro to Psychological Science3  
SOC 001 SU: Introduction to Sociology3  
Humanities Course3  
Electives3 9
POLS 021 American Political System  3
SWSS 003 Human Needs & Social Services  3
Year Total: 15 15
SWSS 060 D1:Racism & Contemporary Issue (Diversity Courses-6 credits required) (Fulfilled through required Social Work courses.)3  
ENGS 001 Written Expression3  
PSYS 170 Abnormal Psychology3  
Electives6 6
Non-European/Non-Western Culture Course  3
BIOL 003 Human Biology
or SWSS 005 Biosociopolitical Issues SW
EC 011 Principles of Macroeconomics  3
Year Total: 15 15
SWSS 147 D2: Theories in Social Work I3  
SWSS 164 Intro Social Work Research3  
SWSS 165 Iss & Pol in Social Welfare I3  
Electives6 6
SWSS 148 D2: Theories in Social Work II  3
SWSS 163 Theory & Integration Prep Sem  3
SWSS 166 Iss & Pol in Social Welfare II  3
Year Total: 15 15
SWSS 168 Social Work Practice I3  
SWSS 171 Field Experience Seminar I3  
SWSS 173 Field Experience I6  
Electives3 3
SWSS 169 Social Work Practice II  3
SWSS 172 Field Experience Seminar II  3
SWSS 174 Field Experience II  6
Year Total: 15 15
Total Credits in Sequence: 120

In the senior year, students spend approximately fifteen hours/week over two semesters (450 total hours) as interns in a public or private social service agency. In the fall semester, students must enroll concurrently in:

SWSS 168Social Work Practice I3
SWSS 171Field Experience Seminar I3
SWSS 173Field Experience I6

In the spring semester, students must enroll concurrently in:

SWSS 169Social Work Practice II3
SWSS 172Field Experience Seminar II3
SWSS 174Field Experience II6