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Exercise and Movement Science B.S.

The Exercise and Movement Science (EXMS) major comprises in-depth study of the theory and applications of Exercise and Movement Science in health, fitness and illness prevention in diverse populations. Students can tailor their educational experience to individual goals, including mentored internship and research experiences. Graduates of the EXMS major may pursue careers in related areas of fitness and health, such as health promotion, adapted physical activity, and fitness business ventures. They may also pursue one of several professional certifications, such as ACSM Exercise Specialist, or NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Finally, students graduating from this program may be qualified for graduate work in Exercise and Movement Sciences, Physical Therapy, and other health care programs.

Requirements for admission are the same as the general university requirements, with the addition that applicants must have taken high school biology, mathematics through trigonometry or precalculus, and chemistry; physics is highly recommended.

Students in Exercise and Movement Science must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better by the end of their first year and maintain a 2.50 cumulative GPA thereafter to remain in good standing in the program.


A Model Curriculum in Exercise and Movement Science

First YearCredits
CHEM 023 Outline of General Chemistry
or CHEM 031 General Chemistry 1
RMS 157 Prevention & Care Athletic Inj3  
NH 050 App to Hlth: From Pers to Syst1  
NFS 043 Fundamentals of Nutrition3  
PSYS 001 Intro to Psychological Science  3
BIO (any 3-credit Biology course)  3
ENGS 001 Written Expression  3
EXMS 150 Intro to Exercise Science  1
Electives and/or Sustainability Credits  6
Year Total: 14 16
ANPS 019 Ugr Hum Anatomy & Physiology4  
EXMS 244 Nutrition for Health & Fitness3  
STAT 111 Elements of Statistics
or STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods
EXMS 242 Exercise and Sport Psychology3  
Diversity 1 or Human/Behav Sci Elective13 3
ANPS 020 Ugr Hum Anatomy & Physiology  4
RMS 095 Special Topics (Movement Science)  3
PHYS 013 Conceptual Physics  3
Elective or Sustainability Credits  3
Year Total: 16 16
Elective or Human/Behav Sci Elective13  
EXMS 240 Motor Skill Learning & Control3  
EXMS 260 Adapted Physical Activity3  
RMS 213 Biomechanics of Human Movement3  
RMS 250 Exercise Physiology (or Elective)23-4 3-4
Elective or Sustainability Credits  3
RMS 188 D2:Org&Ldrship in AthTrn&Ex Sc  3
RMS 220 Research Methods I  3
Elective  3
Year Total: 15-16 15-16
EXMS 245 Evaluation & Prescription3  
EXMS 263 Fitness for Spec Populations3  
NH 120 Health Care Ethics3  
Choose one of the following:6 6
EXMS 272 Senior Capstone Experience (taken in either semester)
Electives (taken in the semester when not taking EXMS 272)
EXMS 264 Certified Exerc Physiologist  3
EXMS 262 Human Perf & Ergogenic Aids  3
EXMS 268 Exercise Program Design  3
Year Total: 15 15
Total Credits in Sequence: 122-124

6 credits of Human/Behav Science: any course with the abbreviations ANTH, HST, LANG, PHIL, POLS,PSYC, REL, SOC, THE


 Course may be taken in spring or fall semester

RMS 280 Senior Research Experience is available as a variable (1-4) credit elective under faculty mentorship.

6 credits meeting diversity requirements must be taken prior to graduation (3 cr. D1 and 3 cr. D1 or D2)

Must meet University sustainability requirement prior to graduation

Minimum of 123 credits required for degree completion