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Living/Learning Center

For over 40 years, the Living/Learning Center has served as an academic resource whose mission is to create an environment for students to integrate their academic studies and their residential experiences. To expand the intellectual horizons of students, the center encourages faculty, staff, and student programs that foster innovative and interdisciplinary academic experiences that bring the intellectual life of the university in close alliance with the students’ lives outside the classroom. Every program sponsors educational activities to which the entire UVM community is invited, making the Living/Learning Center a focus of campus cultural, intellectual and artistic activity. An evening’s activities might include international tea tasting, conversational German, artistic performances, gallery exhibits, faculty lectures, or a presentation by one of the center’s programs. In addition to being an academic and student support unit, the Living/Learning Center is also a residence, housing 576 students, as well as faculty and administrative offices, including ACCESS, Career Services, the Office of International Education, and the Learning Cooperative.

The foci of the Living/Learning Center are the 35 to 40 academic programs, each of which is a year-long plan of course work, independent study, seminars, field trips, and other special activities which support a specific program theme. Recent programs include: Africa House, Music Appreciation, La Maison Francaise, Integrated Humanities, Integrated Social Sciences, Global Social Justice, the Art of Photography, and Literary Appreciation. Programs are designed and directed by students or faculty members and reflect the educational or avocational interests of the program leaders and participants. Living/Learning is also home to the Global Village and the Arts Initiative Residential Learning Communities. The center provides a unique environment for each of the university’s colleges and schools to offer particular curricular elements in an atmosphere which fosters broad opportunities for intellectual discourse.

Students from all class years reside in the center and live with fellow program members in five-, six-, or seven-person suites adjoining a living room and private bathroom facilities. This fosters close friendships and communication among the program members. Suites are located in each of the five interconnected buildings, as are classrooms, laundry rooms, common lounges and kitchens, as well as apartments for resident faculty and their families. The center has a reading room, computer lab, music practice room, the University Marché dining facility, Alice’s Café, mailroom, art gallery and a central fireplace lounge featuring a weekly coffeehouse. Through the efforts and expertise of accomplished staff artists, the center has pottery and photography studios that provide direct program support for the Living/Learning Center community, as well as providing all members of the university and greater Burlington communities with the opportunity for informal instruction and access to the facilities and equipment.

The Living/Learning Center contributes to the university’s mission in its emphasis on the integration of the personal, professional, and intellectual growth of the student. The center further encourages programs with interdisciplinary, international, and multicultural themes that promote creative excellence. The Living/Learning Center offers the opportunity to be part of a community of people – students, faculty, and administrative staff who share the excitement of improving the breadth and quality of their university experience. To learn more about the center, visit the Living/Learning Center website.