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Quantitative Reasoning Courses

All undergraduate degree students matriculating in Fall 2017 or later must meet a General Education requirement in quantitative reasoning. To meet this requirement, students must complete a course, curriculum, or co-curriculum prior to graduation that has been approved by the Faculty Senate's Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Review Committee.

The following courses meet the quantitative reasoning requirement.

BIOL 168Mathematics of Biology3
BIOS 200Med Biostatistics&Epidemiology3
BIOS 211Statistical Methods I3
BIOS 221Statistical Methods II3
BIOS 223Applied Multivariate Analysis3
BIOS 229Survival/Logistic Regression3
BIOS 235Categorical Data Analysis3
BIOS 241Statistical Inference3
BIOS 251Probability Theory3
BIOS 261Statistical Theory3
BSAD 293Integrated Product Development3
CS 008Intro to Web Site Development3
CS 014Visual Basic Programming3
CS 020Programming for Engineers3
CS 021Computer Programming I3
CS 032Puzzles, Games & Algorithms3
CS 064Discrete Structures3
CS 087Introduction to Data Science3
CS 106Embedded Programming in C3
CS 110Intermediate Programming4
CS 120Advanced Programming3
CS 121Computer Organization3
CS 124Data Structures & Algorithms3
CS 125Computability and Complexity3
CS 128Probability Models & Inference3
CS 142Advanced Web Design3
CS 148Database Design for the Web3
CS 166Cybersecurity Principles3
CS 189CS for Geospatial Technologies3
CS 201Operating Systems3
CS 204Database Systems3
CS 205Software Engineering3
CS 206Evolutionary Robotics3
CS 222Computer Architecture3
CS 224Algorithm Design & Analysis3
CS 225Programming Languages3
CS 228Human-Computer Interaction3
CS 231Programming for Bioinformatics3
CS 232Methods in Bioinformatics3
CS 243Theory of Computation3
CS 251Artificial Intelligence3
CS 253Reinforcement Learning3
CS 254Machine Learning3
CS 256Neural Computation3
CS 260Parallel Computing3
CS 265Computer Networks3
CS 266Network Security&Cryptography3
CS 274Computer Graphics3
CS 275Mobile Apps & Embedded Devices3
CS 287Data Science I3
CSYS 221Deterministic Modls Oper Rsch3
CSYS 251Artificial Intelligence3
CSYS 253Appl Time Series & Forecasting3
CSYS 256Neural Computation3
CSYS 266Chaos,Fractals&Dynamical Syst3
CSYS 268Mathematical Biology&Ecology3
EDSC 157Intro to Teaching Mathematics3
EDSC 257Tchg Math in Secondary Schools3
ENGR 020Programming for Engineers3
MATH 009College Algebra3
MATH 010Pre-Calculus Mathematics3
MATH 015Elementary School Math3
MATH 016Fund Concepts Elem School Math3
MATH 017Applications of Finite Math3
MATH 018Basic Mathematics3
MATH 019Fundamentals of Calculus I3
MATH 020Fundamentals of Calculus II3
MATH 021Calculus I4
MATH 022Calculus II4
MATH 023Transitional Calculus5
MATH 052Fundamentals of Mathematics3
MATH 054Fund of Math of Computation3
MATH 121Calculus III4
MATH 122Applied Linear Algebra3
MATH 124Linear Algebra3
MATH 141Real Analysis in One Variable3
MATH 151Groups and Rings3
MATH 168Mathematics of Biology3
MATH 173Basic Combinatorial Theory3
MATH 183Fundamentals of Financial Math3
MATH 207Probability Theory3
MATH 221Deterministic Modls Oper Rsch3
MATH 222Stochastic Models in Oper Rsch3
MATH 230Ordinary Differential Equation3
MATH 235Mathematical Models & Analysis3
MATH 236Calculus of Variations3
MATH 237Intro to Numerical Analysis3
MATH 238Applied Computational Methods3
MATH 240Fourier Series&Integral Trans3
MATH 241Anyl in Several Real Vars I3
MATH 242Anyl Several Real Variables II3
MATH 251Abstract Algebra I3
MATH 252Abstract Algebra II3
MATH 255Elementary Number Theory3
MATH 257Topics in Group Theory3
MATH 260Foundations of Geometry3
MATH 264Vector Analysis3
MATH 266Chaos,Fractals&Dynamical Syst3
MATH 268Mathematical Biology&Ecology3
MATH 271Adv Engineering Mathematics3
MATH 272Applied Analysis3
MATH 273Combinatorial Graph Theory3
MATH 274Numerical Linear Algebra3
MMG 231Programming for Bioinformatics3
MMG 232Methods in Bioinformatics3
PHIL 013Introduction to Logic3
STAT 051Probability With Statistics3
STAT 087Introduction to Data Science3
STAT 111Elements of Statistics3
STAT 141Basic Statistical Methods3
STAT 143Statistics for Engineering3
STAT 151Applied Probability3
STAT 153Prob & Stat for Cmptr Sci3
STAT 183Statistics for Business3
STAT 200Med Biostatistics&Epidemiology3
STAT 201Stat Computing & Data Analysis3
STAT 211Statistical Methods I3
STAT 221Statistical Methods II3
STAT 223Applied Multivariate Analysis3
STAT 224Stats for Quality&Productivity3
STAT 225Applied Regression Analysis3
STAT 229Survival/Logistic Regression3
STAT 231Experimental Design3
STAT 233Survey Sampling3
STAT 235Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 237Nonparametric Statistical Mthd3
STAT 241Statistical Inference3
STAT 251Probability Theory3
STAT 253Appl Time Series & Forecasting3
STAT 256Neural Computation3
STAT 261Statistical Theory3
STAT 265Integrated Product Development3
STAT 287Data Science I3