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Computer Science B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Core Courses:
CS 021QR: Computer Programming I (C- or better) 13
CS 064QR: Discrete Structures3
CS 110QR: Intermediate Programming (C- or better) 14
CS 120QR: Advanced Programming3
CS 121QR: Computer Organization3
CS 124QR: Data Struc & Algorithms3
CS 125QR: Computability& Complexity3
CS 224QR:Algorithm Design & Analysis3
CS 292Senior Seminar1
Fifteen additional credits of computer science courses, including three credits at the 0xx level or above, three credits at the 100-level or above and nine credits at the 200-level or above15
No more than forty-five credits of Computer Science can be applied to this degree
MATH 021QR: Calculus I 24
MATH 022QR: Calculus II 24
STAT 143QR: Statistics for Engineering3
STAT 151QR: Applied Probability3
It is recommended that the natural sciences Distribution Requirement be fulfilled with a two-semester laboratory science sequence