French (FREN)


FREN 237. Early French Women Writers. 3 Credits.

Exploration of how women from the Middle Ages through the Revolution spoke of love, education, the place of women, the power of writing and more. Prerequisites: FREN 141 or FREN 142.

FREN 266. Rev&React in 19th C Narrative. 3 Credits.

Study of the representations of major social issues of the period, such as power, class, money, and women. Representative authors: Balzac, Flaubert, Sand, Stendhal, Zola. Prerequisites: FREN 141 or FREN 142.

FREN 269. La Belle Epoque. 3 Credits.

The aesthetic and moral dilemmas of the turn-of-the-century "decadent" period in French literature, focusing especially on the changing representation of the artist and intellectual. Prerequisites: FREN 141 or FREN 142.

FREN 275. 20-C Lit - Society and Writers. 3 Credits.

A study of twentieth-century French authors who shaped contemporary French culture by challenging traditional ethics and modes of thought. Representative authors include Beauvoir, Camus, and Sartre Prerequisites: FREN 141 or FREN 142.

FREN 280. Francophone Crossings. 3 Credits.

Study of works in French that demonstrate multiple cultural influences. Topics may include: exile writings, cultural/linguistic mixing, colonialism and independence movements, human rights, immigration. Prerequisites: FREN 141 or FREN 142.

FREN 285. Quebec Literature. 3 Credits.

A study of contemporary (1960-1985) major works of fiction, poetry, and drama. Authors studied include Anne Hebert, Michel Tremblay, Jacques Godbout, Gaston Miron. Prerequisites: Either FREN 141 or FREN 142, or both.

FREN 293. Quebec Culture. 3 Credits.

Sociocultural study of the Francophone culture of Canada. Prerequisite: FREN 141 or FREN 142.