Agroecology Minor

This minor is designed to give students a knowledge-based concentration in diversified agricultural production that is based on ecological principles and is economically viable, socially acceptable, and minimizes impacts to the environment. 


A minimum of 15 credits from the following courses:

PSS 021SU: Intro to Agroecology3
PSS 212SU: Advanced Agroecology4
Choose three of the following: 9-12
Animal Nutrit, Metab & Feeding
Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare
Entomology & Pest Mgmt
Weed Ecology & Management
Plant Pathology
Cold Climate Viticulture
Sust Veg Crops Production
Greenhouse Operations & Mgmt
Commercial Plant Propagation
Forage and Pasture Mgmnt
Composting Ecology & Mgmt
SU: Fundmntls of Soil Science
Soil Fertility & Conservation
Diversified Farm Planning
Diversified Farm Operations
Sustainable Orchard Management
Biological Control
Soil Ecology
Or appropriate 100- or 200-level PSS special topics (as approved by the PSS Undergraduate Affairs committee).

Ineligible Major: Agroecology and Landscape Design