Foundational Writing and Information Literacy Courses

All undergraduate degree students matriculating in Fall 2014 or later are required to successfully complete a 3-credit course which provides instruction and practice with foundational writing and information literacy.

The following courses meet the foundational writing and informational literacy requirement:

All Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) Seminars3
ENGS 001FW: Written Expression3
ENGS 002FW: Written Expression: Theme3
HCOL 085
HCOL 086
FW:Honors Coll First Year Sem
and Honors College First Year Sem

Recommended Enrollment:

College of Arts and Sciences Students

Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) Seminars

Honors College Students

HCOL 085 and HCOL 086

Students in all other colleges

ENGS 001

Speakers of Other Languages

An "A" section of ENGS 001: "Written Expression: Interntl"

Transfer Students

ENGS 002