Reapplying to the University as an Undergraduate

Applicants denied admission for a given semester may reapply for a subsequent semester, and should present new information that demonstrates an improved academic record. Students wait-listed or denied admission previously as high school students should be working toward completion of a minimum of twenty-one semester credits at the point of applying to UVM. Anyone reapplying must submit a new application form and application fee, and update any academic information. Essays may be adjusted to reflect applicant’s recent activities. These individuals should contact the admissions office to discuss academic work that would improve their chances for admission.

Under certain conditions, candidates offered admission who choose not to attend in a given semester can defer entry for up to two semesters with permission of the admissions office. Students who defer admission are required to pay the acceptance fee for the semester to which they applied and may not enroll in another degree program at another college or university. Students who wish to defer admission for more than two semesters from the term of the original application will be asked to reapply for admission. After that period, or if the admitted candidate failed to request deferred admission, another application and fee must be filed for review by the admissions office.

Re-Entry to UVM

Students who were previously undergraduates working toward a degree and who wish to return to the University of Vermont following a voluntary leave should submit the online Re-entry Application available on the Admissions website..  The Admissions Office does not readmit former degree students.

If a student applies for re-entry following a dismissal or forced leave, they should contact the Student Services team for their major college (i.e. Arts and Sciences, Grossman School of Business, etc.).

If a student wishes to return to the University after a suspension, a student should contact the Dean of Students' office to schedule a meeting with the Assistant Dean for Conduct, Policy and Climate. You may reach the Assistant Dean by calling (802) 656-3380.

A student wishing to enroll as an undergraduate and has never been admitted as a degree student should visit the Admissions website for more information.