Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students work one-on-one or in small teams on scholarly projects under the supervision of a faculty mentor. By pursuing undergraduate research or creative endeavors, students learn how disciplines advance and knowledge is acquired; they begin to define and focus their academic and career interests; and they may receive academic credit. Students have an opportunity to present their research or creative work at the annual Student Research Conference held on campus every April.

The  FOUR (Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research) staff helps students identify mentors and research projects in natural and social sciences, engineering and mathematics, humanities and fine arts, and the professions. The staff advises undergraduate students across the university, at every step of the way–from helping students understand research in their disciplines, providing research support, and funding both the research and the students to present their research. Additionally, as students are finishing their undergraduate education, FOUR can help them plan for the next steps - research or teaching abroad or funding a graduate education.

The office coordinates the Student Research Conference, Pre-medical Enhancement Program (PEP), Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF), Leahy Scholars Program, Brennan Summer Scholars, Simon Family Foundation Awards, Mini and Travel Grants, as well as vetting applications for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Internship program.

To begin, visit or contact: Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research, 50 University Heights North, Suite 017; email; phone (802)656-5533; webpage: Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research.