Food Systems Minor

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A minimum of eighteen credits.

Choose one course from each of the three categories below to complete nine credits:9
Natural Science
SU: Intro to Ecological Agr
SU: The Green World
SU: Intro to Botany
Social Science
D2:SU:Farm to Table: Food Sys
D2:SU:World Food,Pop & Develop
D1:US Food, Social Equity &Dev
Introduction to Philosophy (ONLY when the topic is Ethics of Eating)
D2:Food and Culture
Choose at least nine credits from the following courses (Electives chosen for minor cannot also be counted for major):9
Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare
Intermediate Special Topics (when the topic is Animal Plagues)
Consumer,Markets&Public Policy
Agricultural Policy and Ethics
Economics of Sustainability
Topics in Comp & Rhetoric
Env Impacts of Consumerism
Honors College Sophomore Sem (when the topic is Animal Products in Human Nutrition)
Food Policy and Politics
Food Policy and Politics
Biology of Fungi
Greenhouse Operations & Mgmt
Composting Ecology & Mgmt
Diversified Farm Operations
SU: Advanced Agroecology