Food Systems Minor


A minimum of eighteen credits.

Choose one course from each of the three categories below to complete nine credits:9
Natural Science
SU: Intro to Ecological Agr
SU: The Green World
SU: Intro to Botany
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Social Science
D2:SU:Farm to Table: Food Sys
D2:SU:World Food,Pop & Develop
D1:US Food, Social Equity &Dev
Introduction to Philosophy (ONLY when the topic is Ethics of Eating)
D2:Food and Culture
Choose at least nine credits from the following courses (Electives chosen for minor cannot also be counted for major):9
Ethics and the Food System
Honors College Sophomore Sem
Biology of Fungi
Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare
Consumer,Markets&Public Policy
Composting Ecology & Mgmt
Env Impacts of Consumerism
Agricultural Policy and Ethics
SU: Advanced Agroecology
Economics of Sustainability
Sustainable Farming Practicum
Agroecology of Vegetable Crops