Film and Television Studies B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Thirty-one credits, including: 

Two introductory courses from: 6
Classical Cinema
History of Television
Contemporary Cinema
Four core intermediate courses:
FTS 121Film/Television Theory3
FTS 123Global Studies in Film/TV3
One course from FTS 131, FTS 132, FTS 133, FTS 134 or FTS 1353
One course from FTS 141, FTS 142, FTS 143, FTS 144, or FTS 1453
Two additional 100-level or higher courses from the FTS offerings6
One senior seminar from:3
Seminar in Film/Television
Seminar in Film/Television
One course at any level from the FTS offerings3
FTS 299Comprehensive Exam1
Only three credits of FTS 191/FTS 192 may count toward the major.

The FTS offerings include all FTS courses listed in the catalogue and courses on media studies and production in other departments in the College of Arts and Sciences that are approved by the FTS program and listed on the FTS website each semester including but not limited to:

ARTH 140Hist of Optical Media as Art3
ARTS 139Animation3
ARTS 148Introduction to Video Art3
ARTS 248Advanced Film/Video Projects3
SOC 043Survey of Mass Communication3
SOC 150Popular Culture3
SOC 243Mass Media in Modern Society3