Medical Science M.S.

All students must meet the Requirements for the Master's Degree


The main objective of the Master of Science in Medical Science (MMS) Program is to provide a rigorous curriculum in the basic biomedical sciences that prepares students with the background knowledge and skills required to gain acceptance into and succeed in medical school as well as other health-related professional doctoral-level degree programs including dental and pharmacy school. The program offers a cohesive set of core courses that cover the major biomedical disciplines that together provide the foundation of understanding how the human body works from the molecular (biochemistry), cellular (cell biology), and systems (anatomy and physiology) levels, as well as the fundamentals required to understand drug actions in the body (pharmacology) and the principles of quantitatively interpreting scientific and epidemiological data (biostatistics).

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Degree of Master of Science

Applicants are required to have a BS or BA from accredited college or university, two semesters of general biology, general physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistry, and MCAT or GRE scores. International Students are required to take the TOEFL or IELTS.

Minimum Degree Requirements

UVM’s Master of Medical Science degree is a 30-credit, on-campus program, that is designed to be completed within one year (12 months). The curriculum includes a cohesive set of core courses that cover the major biomedical disciplines and provides the foundation of understanding how the human body works. Students complete seven core requirements and select two electives to complete the program.

Core Courses:
BIOC 301General Biochemistry3
CLBI 301Cell Biology3
MPBP 301Human Physiology & Pharm I4
BIOC 302General Biochemistry3
MPBP 302Human Physiology & Pharm II4
ANNB 300Human Gross Anatomy6
One from the following statistics course or others as approved by the director:
Quality in Healthcare
Multi Analysis Clin&Trans Res
Biostatistics I:App Rsch in PH
Adv Statistical Methods I
Choose two electives from the following list or others as approved by the director:
Proteins I: Structure&Function
Protein: Nucleic Acid Interact
Nucleic Acids II
Cancer Biology
Advanced Medical Microbiology
Eukaryotic Virology
Genetics and Genomics
Molecular Control of the Cell
Medical Master's Capstone
Translational Pathology
Public Health & Health Policy
Epidemiology I
Biostatistics I:App Rsch in PH
Environmental Public Health
Pol,Org & Finance in Hlth Care
Social&Behavioral Public Hlth
Epidemiology 2
Food Systems & Public Hlth
Public Health & Social Justice
One Health: Zoonoses
Medical Cannabis
Introduction to Pharmacology
Molecules & Medicine
Topics Molecular&Cell Pharm
Medical Pharmacology
Milestones in Pharmacology
Medical Master's Capstone
Emergency Medicine Research I
Immunity and Host Defense

Comprehensive Examination

Students must complete a comprehensive exam, integrating their knowledge of core course material in a written paper, by their end of their final semester in the program.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Science

Successful completion of a comprehensive examination in Medical Science.