Occupational Therapy O.T.D.

All students must meet the requirements for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Degree.


The post-professional Occupational Therapy Degree is designed to produce occupational therapists that are leaders, occupation-based practitioners, effective educators, and scholars in their field. Graduates will know how to interpret and design research, understand occupation-based practice in an everchanging healthcare society, learn how to be innovative and creative in the practice and advocacy of occupational therapy, and will articulate clearly through written and verbal communication the value of the profession.

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Degree of Master of Science

  • Bachelor or master degree in occupational therapy from the US or abroad
  • Minimum cumulative GPA 3.2/4.0
  • Two years of clinical practice as a licensed OT
  • English proficiency exam and TOEFL
  • Personal statement + three letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts + CV
  • Phone/virtual/face-to-face interview


If a student’s highest degree is a bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy, two additional required courses must be taken. These courses must be taken in the first semester unless the student has taken a graduate level statistics course after earning their B.S. within the last five years, at which point we could accept that course as a transfer course. The two course categories are as follows:

• Statistics: This course can be taken online or face-to-face at a local university. Any course level statistics course is acceptable. The purpose of taking this course is to ensure that students with a bachelor of science in occupational therapy review statistics before entering the post-professional OTD program. Most occupational therapy bachelor of science degrees phased out in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s thus for many of these clinicians, it has been numerous years since statistical concepts were learned. This course will serve as a refresher and must have been taken with the last five years.

• Exploring Current Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice: Occupational therapy theory and practice has changed since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. This course is designed to discuss current occupational therapy theory and practice.

Minimum Degree Requirements

The Occupational Therapy Degree  requires successful completion of the following 33 graduate credits:

Evidence-Based Practice I3
OT 481Evidence-based practice II3
OT 482Leadership Exploration3
OT 483Max Leadership Potential3
OT 465Cap I: Prof Scholar2
OT 466Cap II: Supporting Evidence2
OT 467Cap III: Implementation2
OT 468Cap IV: Dissemination2
OT 489Designing your portfolio2
OT 487Examining Occ-based Practice3
OT 484Innovation and Creative Think3
OT 485Impl Adult Learning Theory I3
OT 486Impl Adult Learning Theory II2
Total Credits33

Comprehensive Examination

To demonstrate competencies, students will develop a portfolio highlighting their competency in each of the five areas of evidence-based practice, leadership, innovation, teaching excellence, and occupation-based practice. This portfolio will serve as a comprehensive examination.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Science

Successful completion of the comprehensive exam.