Community and International Development Minor


CDAE 002D2:SU:World Food,Pop & Develop3
CDAE 061SU:Principles of Comm Dev (CAS students may substitute EC012 for CDAE 061)3
CDAE 102Sustainable Community Dev3
Choose one of the following:3
CDAE 171Community&Int'l Econ Transform3
or CDAE 296 Internship
or CDAE 273 Project Development & Planning
Choose one of the following:
CDAE 108Comparative Food Systems3
CDAE 123Media-Policy-Action3
CDAE 145Propaganda, Media, & Cit Respn3
CDAE 159Consumer Assistance Program3
CDAE 173Evolving Trends in Int'l Devel3
CDAE 174Global Media & Intl Developmen3
CDAE 253Macroeconomics for Appl Econ3
CDAE 254Microeconomics for Appl Econ3
CDAE 286Adv Sust Dev Sm Island States4
CDAE 166Intro to Comm Entrepreneurship3
CDAE 167Fin Mgmt: Comm Entrepreneurs4
CDAE 237Economics of Sustainability3
CDAE 251Contemp Policy Iss:Comm Dev3
CDAE 255Applied Consumption Economics3
CDAE 272Int'l Economic Development3
CDAE 186Sustain Dev Sm Island States4
CDAE 208Agricultural Policy and Ethics3
CDAE 218Community Org & Development3
CDAE 276Community Design Studio3
Or other courses (e.g. Special Topics ending in -95) as approved by advisor


Ineligible Major: Community and International Development