Anthropology B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Introductory courses:
ANTH 021D2:SU: Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 024D2:SU: Prehistoric Archaeology3
ANTH 026D2:Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 028D2: Linguistic Anthropology3
3 courses in anthropology at the 200-level, with 2 of 3 selected from the following (only 3 credits of ANTH 200 will count toward this requirement):9-11
Field Work in Archaeology
Archaeological Theory
Human Osteology
Research in Hum Biol Diversity
Laboratory Archaeology Topics
Museum Anthropology
Anthro Research Global Health
Ethnographic Field Methods
4 courses in anthropology at the 100-level and 2 additional anthropology courses at any level. At least 12 credits must be selected from the following:18
Parenting and Childhood
D2:SU:Global Health Devl & Div
D2:Archaeology of the Americas
Preserving the Past
People, Poison, Place
Prehistory of the US Southwest
Topics in Archaeology
Primates and Anthropology
Death, Burial, and Culture
Forensic Anthropology
Topics in Biological Anthro
D1: North American Indians
D1:Indians of the NE: Vermont
D2:Gender Sex Race & the Body
D2: Fndns of Global Health
D2:Culture, Health and Healing
Human Diversity and Evolution
Both of the following 1 credit courses:
ANTH 105Introduction to the Major1
ANTH 205Advanced Proseminar in Anthro1
2 courses in the same foreign language at the appropriate level, as stipulated in the UVM BS distribution requirements.6-8
2 STAT courses drawn from the following course combinations or as approved by Director of Undergraduate Studies (some may have prerequisites, check catalogue):6
QR:Basic Statistical Methods 1
and QR:Basic Statistical Methods 2
QR:Basic Statistical Methods 1
and QR: Med Biostat&Epidemiology
Two 4-credit BIOL, BCOR, CHEM, GEOL laboratory courses chosen in consultation with advisor and Director of Undergraduate Studies (some may have prerequisites, check catalogue):8
Only 9 credits of the following practicum and independent research courses may count toward the major: ANTH 093, ANTH 191, ANTH 192, ANTH 193, ANTH 198, ANTH 291, ANTH 292, ANTH 293, ANTH 298, HON 202, HON 203.