Art Minor


Eighteen credits from the disciplines of Studio Art and Art History, including:

Three credits from the following studio art courses:3
Perspectives on Art Making
Three credits from the following art history core courses:3
Western Art:Ancient - Medieval
Western Art:Renaissance-Modern
D2: Asian Art
Of the 12 additional credits, at least nine credits must be at the 100-level or above.12
A minimum of 6 credits in each discipline is required, with a resulting maximum of 12 credits in either studio art or art history used to meet requirements for the minor.


Ineligible majors:  Studio Art, Art History

Ineligible minor:  Art History

The following will not count toward the minor:  ARTH 190, ARTH 191, ARTS 191, ARTS 197, ARTH 198, ARTS 281, ARTS 297.