Biology B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Choose one of the following sequences: 18
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry 2
General Chemistry for Majors 1
and General Chemistry for Majors 2
CHEM 141Organic Chemistry 14
CHEM 142Organic Chemistry 24
Choose one of the following options:5
Option A (recommended)
Elementary Physics
and Introductory Lab II
Fundamentals of Physics II
Option B
Elementary Physics
and Introductory Lab I
Fundamentals of Physics I
MATH 019
MATH 020
Fundamentals of Calculus I
and Fundamentals of Calculus II
or MATH 021
MATH 022
Calculus I
and Calculus II
Thirty-three credits of biology including Introductory Biology33
Choose one of the following options:8
Option A (recommended)
Exploring Biology
and Exploring Biology
Option B
Principles of Biology
and Principles of Biology
BCOR 101Genetics3
BCOR 102Ecology and Evolution4
BCOR 103Molecular and Cell Biology4
BIOL 255Comparative Physiology4
Three additional 200-level biology courses (including at least one with a laboratory). 2

CHEM 031/CHEM 032 or CHEM 035/CHEM 036 to be taken the first year if possible.


Of the three additional 200-level biology courses, one course may be taken from outside the department from approved offerings in other departments; consult the Department of Biology office.  Neither HON 208, HON 209 nor BIOL 297/BIOL 298 will count toward the required major credits. 

Note: Most professional schools (e.g., medicine, dentistry, veterinary, physical therapy) require the equivalent of PHYS 012, PHYS 022, or PHYS 152.