Chemistry Minor


CHEM 031General Chemistry 14
CHEM 032General Chemistry 24
Choose one of the following options:10-12
Option A:
Organic Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry for Majors 1
Organic Chemistry 2
Organic Chemistry for Majors 2
and one of the following:
Quantitative Analysis
Inorganic Chemistry
Intro Physical Chemistry
Option B:
Intro Physical Chemistry
Advanced Physical Chemistry
and one of the following:
Intro Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry 1


Ineligible majors: Chemistry (B.A., B.S.), Biochemistry (B.S.), Environmental Science Chemistry focus track


(MATH 020, MATH 022, or MATH 023) and (PHYS 011 or PHYS 051) required for CHEM 165.
CHEM 165, and (CHEM 167 or MATH 121) required for CHEM 260