Gerontology Minor


The minor in gerontology consists of eighteen credits.

Required courses (twelve credits):
SOC 020Aging: Change & Adaptation3
or HDFS 020 Aging:Change & Adaptation
SOC 120Aging in Modern Society3
SOC 220Internship in Gerontology3
SOC 222Aging & Ethical Issues3
Electives (six credits):6
D2:Aging in Cross-Cultrl Persp
Seminar in Human Development
Biology of Aging
Social Org of Death & Dying
Health Care and Aging
Sociology of Health & Medicine


May not be sole minor for sociology majors.

Other Information

If majoring in sociology, SOC courses that are used for the minor are included in the forty-five credit major rule.

A major in sociology and a minor in gerontology may be possible if additional courses in sociology are taken in order to reduce overlap to one course.