Sociology B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Specific requirements for an optional concentration is included on this page:

Concentration in Social Gerontology

Major Requirements

Thirty-one credits in sociology including:

SOC 001SU: Introduction to Sociology 13
SOC 100Fund of Social Research 14
SOC 101Developm't Sociological Theory 13
STAT 051Probability With Statistics (or higher which is required as a prerequisite for taking SOC 100)3
Nine additional credits at the 100-level9
Nine credits at the 200-level9
Students planning to focus in a particular area of study are strongly encouraged to take an additional 200-level course in that area
Students planning postgraduate training in sociology or related areas are strongly encouraged to take at least two courses from the advanced Theory/Methods area:
Qualitative Research Methods
Meth of Data Anyl in Soc Rsch
Contemporary Sociological Thry
Only three credits of the following courses may count toward the 200-level requirements:
Teaching Assistantship
Teaching Assistantship

SOC 001 and one of  SOC 090, SOC 100, or SOC 101 or Instructor permission are prerequisites for enrollment in any 200-level course.

Concentration in Social Gerontology

Twelve credits in Social Gerontology including:

SOC 020Aging: Change & Adaptation3
SOC 120Aging in Modern Society3
SOC 220Internship in Gerontology3
or SOC 222 Aging & Ethical Issues
SOC 154Social Org of Death & Dying3
or SOC 254 Sociology of Health & Medicine
or SOC 255 Soc of Mental Health

Students interested in completing the Social Gerontology concentration are encouraged to consult their faculty advisor early in their program.