Sociology B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Specific requirements for an optional concentration are included on this page:

Concentration in Social Gerontology

Concentration in Crime and Criminal Justice

Major Requirements

Thirty-four credits, including:

SOC 001SU: Introduction to Sociology 13
SOC 100Fund of Social Research 1,24
SOC 101Developm't Sociological Theory 13
STAT 051QR:Probability With Statistics (or higher which is required as a prerequisite for taking SOC 100)3
Nine additional credits in Sociology at the 100-level9
Three Sociology credits from SOC 202 to SOC 2813
Six additional Sociology credits at the 200-level 36
Three Sociology credits at any level3
Students planning to focus in a particular area of study are strongly encouraged to take an additional 200-level course in that area
Students planning postgraduate training in sociology or related areas are strongly encouraged to take at least two courses from the advanced Theory/Methods area:
Qualitative Research Methods
Meth of Data Anyl in Soc Rsch
Contemporary Sociological Thry
No more than three credits of the following courses may count toward the major:
Teaching Assistantship
Teaching Assistantship
Double majors in Sociology and Psychological Science may substitute PSYS 053 and PSYS 054 for SOC 100 and STAT 051 and thus complete the Sociology major with thirty-three credits.

Concentration in Social Gerontology

Twelve credits in Social Gerontology, including:

SOC 020Aging: Change & Adaptation3
SOC 120Aging in Modern Society3
SOC 220Internship in Gerontology3
At least one gerontology-related elective approved by the gerontology advisor. 3
All courses with a SOC prefix will count for both the major and the concentration.

Concentration in crime and criminal justice

Twelve credits in Crime and Criminal Justice from the following:

Deviance & Social Control
D2: Global Deviance
Sociology of Punishment
Race, Crime & Criminal Just
Criminal Justice
Sociology of Law
Special or variable topics courses and internships as approved by the concentration advisor
At least six credits must be at the 100-level or above
At least three credits must be at the 200-level